Book Creation

I’ll guide you from your IDEA of writing your book to having a complete MANUSCRIPT. 

These are possible steps we will take during our time together:

Survey of Experiences

An in-depth look at where you’ve been and where you might want to go with your writing.

Topic Discovery

After the survey, one or more topics for further discussion may emerge.

Intended Market Exploration

 Before writing, we’ll explore the factors that are most helpful in reaching your intended audience.

Direction of Content

We’ll select sub-topics, helpful information, and pertinent resources for the content of your book.

Creating Your Book Outline

We’ll develop a structure that makes sense based on your content and preferences.

First Draft Development

I’ll be available to answer your questions and provide suggestions through email or phone conversations.

Review of First Draft and Second Draft:

I will read and analyze your manuscript (MS), and give suggestions for clarity, completeness, and organization.

"Front and Back Matter" Development

We’ll work together to determine what information you’d like to include before and after your story (title page, dedication, resource list, etc).


Guiding authors for the past 15 years has given me a broad base of experience, and a strong network of skilled professionals. ​

All your work is confidential so you can be assured that your story will remain private. ​

The timeline for the process is developed to fit your schedule.

Contact me for a complimentary "get to know you" chat and we'll explore your next steps. You may be a perfect fit for our one-on-one sessions or group writing workshops.


Book Creation Packages:  begin at $1200.

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