You might be a person who feels called to write about your life. Your desire may be strong, but perhaps you need a little assistance with the details, or inspiration to get started—or both. Our story mentoring experience will help you discover the buried treasure hidden in your life story.

Seven reasons to dive into the stories of your life:

Jump-start your writing journey

Remember the forgotten lessons that bring meaning to your life

Reflect on the patterns of your life that point to your purpose

Discover the benefits of the rocky transitions you may have experienced

Understand the origins of your values

Uncover antidotes/stories to use for job interviews

Understand your “Why”

One-on-One Book Mentoring: begins at $250.

Contact me for a complimentary “get to know you” chat and we’ll explore your goals and next steps. We’ll decide which fits you best: one-on-one sessions or group writing workshops.


"When you write your stories, wisdom gets a chance to re-purpose your pain.”

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