Life has taught me that our deepest convictions, our best teachers, and our most interesting observations are reflections of our personal experiences. I’d like to share some of mine with you.

We all have our own set of opportunities and challenges, but coming of age transitions are tough for most of us. That’s why I’ve focused on learning more about those times in women’s lives. Searching for answers and helpful ideas led me to fall in love with the beauty and wisdom of women’s lives and also to write books that celebrate the perfect age of well seasoned women.

Perhaps the most uplifting observation I’ve made about age is the speed at which well seasoned women form deeply rooted friendships. As a result, my workshops are designed to enhance the female’s innate calling to support one other, and in turn, the world. 

I’m a teacher, a workshop facilitator, a book creation coach, and a mentor to writers. I believe the best way we can share the wisdom of our age is to tell and write our stories. I’m an author who also jumps at the chance to help aspiring authors realize their dreams.

Traveling to a dozen countries, raising two sons along with their father, and then navigating a single life in the unrelenting heat of Arizona have taught me a lot. I have many powerful and touching stories to tell. I’d like to know more about yours.

I invite you to join me in celebrating the well seasoned women in your life!

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