Celebrate Turning 60 with Linda

Dear very cool woman,

Today we celebrate turning 60 with Linda. Does it sound odd to use the words “celebrate†and “60†in the same sentence? I used to think that 60 was a time to start shopping for a porch rocking chair so one could be comfortable waiting for life to crumble—but of course, this nasty rumor just makes us dread each birthday. Not necessary!

Linda’s rocking chair would certainly be empty. She describes herself this way: “I’m a woman on the path to self-realization. My journey began with my family, love, faith and hard work in the family business. It then morphed into a human resources career in the airline and ground transportation industries. I advocate for diversity and inclusion, and human development. I’m a strong believer that life is a gift and that we need to be true to our values and dreams. My motto is: ‘Yes, you can!’â€

Here’s how Linda answered my four questions:

What are the most important things you’ve learned so far in your life?

“Life is short. You start out young and vibrant. I can remember thinking at the early age of 10 that I’d never want to be 30 years old, that was so old! When I actually turned 25, I experienced what I thought was a mid-life crisis. Before turning 50, I joined a fitness boot camp, to be fit and 50; at 55 I did the same because a few pounds creeped back on.

“Then before turning 60, I made lifestyle changes in which I have maintained a fit and healthy weight. What I learned is that I have choices about having a healthy mind, body and spirit. Daily, I make healthy food choices and exercise to keep the body moving. My favorite is Yoga because it connects my heart to my soul and spirit and gives me time to meditate and pray.

“Now at 60, I can only hope to imagine turning 90 (my Mom is a vibrant 92). What I learned is that age is only a number and you are as vibrant as you choose to be. I have at least 30 more years of living to do, hopefully all healthy years.

“What I also learned is that family is important. You only have one family, so make the most of your time together and enjoy each and every moment. Treasure those precious moments together making sweet, sweet memories!â€

As you think of stepping into a new decade, what thoughts go through your head? 

“As I enter this new decade, I think about being the best ME that I can be. That means taking a look at and connecting the dots between my mind, body and spirit. Taking a holistic approach to life has made this transition into a new decade much easier. It has been a time of reflection. It has been a journey of self-actualization. Living my life on purpose has made a difference. My family has always been #1 to me and I treasure each day, and truly live in the moment.â€

What plans or goals do you have for the next few years? 

“The plans I have over the next few years include enjoying traveling. I’ve always wanted to be a world traveler. Having retired from the airlines, my husband and I can now enjoy our free time and experience the world together. I will also deepen my Yoga practice with a Yoga instructor certification.

“I will continue my Human Resources certifications as a SHRM certified senior professional, as well as HRCI certified senior and global professional. After 30 years as a Human Resources professional, I’m glad that diversity and inclusion are on the radar screens of many forward thinking companies and communities.

“Finally, I intend to live life fully. I respect, love and value my family and friends more and more every day! Life is short!”

What do you worry about?

“What concerns me most is my health and wellness as well as that of my family. Our mother is 92 years young, so we have a lot to live up to! If only we can be as healthy as Mom!! Being a retired airline employee and having the opportunity to travel, I wonder if it’s safe. I am concerned about being safe while traveling to other countries, and even more sadly, our own country. Lastly, I worry about the future of the world with all of the unrest and violence. Can’t we all get along and be at peace with one another?”


Linda’s daily agenda is vibrant and she does not seem to be slowing down,  just making alterations along the way. It seems that during various times in her life, she has taken the time to notice how she’s doing—becoming her own Human Resources director—and if she sees something to adjust she finds the best solution to fix it.

Because she monitors her overall health and wellness, and then takes immediate action, she’s able to live a holistic life. It’s like straightening a picture that is not quite square on the wall.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are the specific topics of her passion, as well as Yoga in her personal life. Recognizing and naming her passion, and armed with wisdom accumulated through decades of corporate experience, Linda has the potential to rock the world.

If we reflect on our own list of favorite activities (and our least favorite), we will begin to notice patterns and create a title wave of giving our best selves. No need for the rocking chair. There is a huge world out there who needs us—no matter who we are at 60! As Linda will tell you, “You can do it!â€

May your passion support your confidence,


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