No Worries-2019 is not Your First Rodeo

We hear it all the time: “It’s not my first rodeo.†That’s what we say whenever we’re talking about something we’ve done before. I’ve been thinking about this phrase a lot as we enter this wild unknown arena called 2019.

Time brings with it the possibility for all sorts of experiences. You’ve got 365 days ahead, and yet, it’s not your first rodeo—or even your second. Each year comes and goes one day at a time. You collect friends and memories and knowledge. And when you REFLECT on your experiences (and that’s comes naturally when you write about them), it’s possible to collect a certain amount of WISDOM.

Let’s do the math to see how much TIME you’ve earned for all the rodeos you’ve experienced: 

If you are 30 years old, you have lived

10,958 days

262,992 hours

15,779,520 minutes

and so on…

40 years

14,610 days

350,640 hours

21,038,400 minutes 

50 years

18,263 days 

438,312 hours

26,298,720 minutes

60 years

21,915 days

525,960 hours

31,557,600 minutes

70 years

25,568 days

613,632 hours

36,817,920 minutes

80 years

29,220 days

701,280 hours

42,076,800 minutes

In this 2019 rodeo, you’re adding:

365 days

8,760 hours

525,600 minutes  

So ride this bronco as if it’s your last contest—and spend each day, hour and minute of 2019 wisely.

~ And contact me (or check out if it’s finally time to write about some of those unforgettable rodeos. It’s not my first rodeo either!

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