Sending Love is Like Painting a Wall

Right in the middle of a friendship workshop the other day, a thought hit me that might give you something uplifting to think about. Actually, I’m slow to catch such thoughts, so the it came in two parts. Here goes.

As participants of my workshop were busy writing a letter to one special friend, the thought occurred to me that they were not only writing and then sending a physical letter, they were sending their love—laced within their words.

My thought: It’s impossible to send love without receiving it in return.

The second part of the message came to me during another friendship workshop, so I was able to clarify: Love may not come to you from that person or thing you love, but from love itself. It’s just like painting a wall. When I paint a wall aqua, I get aqua all over me. I have to admit that I’m the messiest painter in the world, but is this the same for you?

I modified my theory this week in the dentist’s chair. While sitting half-numb for several hours with nothing to do, I began to think about all the people in my life. I could not send them a letter right then and there, but instead, I decided to send Love through a prayer. I imagined  beams of love-light shooting directly to family, friends, people I work with (the two dental students who were giving me a new smile!) and anyone else who came to mind.

The result? Time passed very quickly that afternoon, and I am left with love spattered all over my spirit. It still feels bone-deep peaceful. Try it. I think you’ll have a good result, and besides, this world needs is a re-freshed spirit of harmony through MORE LOVE!




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