Stepping Up Confidence

Hello Cool Woman,

Rock Solid Confidence has nothing to do with what others think of us. True confidence comes from the trust we have in ourselves to decide what we want, and to step-up to touch our goals.

The other day I was telling a friend about my challenging day (imagine the whining), not knowing what to do next. Without batting an eyelash, she said, “But you’re resourceful, so you’ll figure it out.â€

I remembered a time when I planned a painting day with my sixth grade social studies classes. The problem was, we had 120 kids in six, forty-minute periods. I had no idea how I was going to accomplish so much in so little time, but I took a chance and added it to my lesson plans. In the end, I borrowed supplies, and worked out an efficient system to explain the project, distribute  materials, paint, store wet masterpieces and clean-up. At the end of the paint day (with only two major spills), the mission was accomplished.

Yes, resourceful am I—and so are you. My friend offers us a rare gift by helping us remember that we are like the leading lady in a movie—we have the power to slay the dragon, win the race and quiet the wild animals. Based on our successes of the past, including small victories like painting days, we can manage the future. So without doing anything special, let that powerful word RESOURCEFUL reverberate in your head to boost your confidence.

What does it mean to be resourceful? How does it show up in your life? Resourceful is a quick and clever way to solve problems. Yet, this word focuses on the solution rather than the problem—no sense dwelling in the land of what we can’t change. In order to make the word resourceful a part of your armor, or a feather in your cap—whichever you prefer—here are three quick ideas:

(1) Resourceful is a powerful new affirmation that stamps out the weaker negative thoughts floating around your head. Affirm, “I am resourceful!† But if you add the three words, “I trust that…†you have a dynamite statement:

“I trust that I am resourceful.â€

Say it aloud three times in front of the mirror. Notice how you stand taller, breathe more deeply and feel like a complete human being, ready to take on the world.

(2) After you’ve affirmed resourcefulness, stop for a moment to consider the matter at hand and notice how your thinking becomes clearer.  You are free to relax, knowing that each question you ask has an answer somewhere very near, waiting to be captured. Use your imagination or your favorite meditation exercise to picture yourself climbing the stairs toward the answer. Perceptive thoughts are a part of your nature.

(3) No matter what challenge comes your way, you have the ‘right stuff’ to find it, fix it or take it out of your life. It might be something you can take care of yourself or you may wish to enlist the help of others in your circle of contacts. After all, your friends are an important part of your resources. Above all, reach within to find confidence in your rock solid core.

From my book Rock Solid Confidence, let me add, “We know we’re doing well when we feel anticipation for each day because we believe that whatever curve ball is thrown our way, we’ll be able to handle it. When we feel insecure, we calmly notice the feeling, and use the tools we have learned to keep us on a steady path of growth.â€

This magic word Resourceful will see you through many trials and tests. Take it with you as you welcome spring. Use it to transform your stumbling blocks into a stairway to success!

May your self-trust build confidence,


PS. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that My Trust Journal is a compact notebook to capture 101 of your personal statements. As a daily confidence building tool, it has been used successfully by many people. Let me know if creating powerhouse affirmations (under one cover) interests you. Get more information on the main page of this website—or contact me to chat about your goals.

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