The Summer Season of Writing Your Book

As I was searching for a visual to describe the summer season of writing your book, I realized that the stereotypical view of summer is a beach and a relaxing break from the real world of work. But the summer of writing your book is actually the opposite; it’s more like an Arizona summer, a season full of focused activity, work and determination.

In order to get to the heart of the summer of writing your book , let’s first look at what it is NOT.

What it is not:

~ It’s not a trip to a coffee shop where you sip your favorite beverage and hope to become inspired the way you did during the springtime of writing. 

~ It’s also not a summer vacation at the beach where you daydream your way through the hours.

~ It’s not something you casually “think†about doing without actually moving forward.

~ The summer of writing is not the romanticized version of what it is to write, with ideas flowing in an uninterrupted stream of bliss. 

This is what it is: 

Someone once told me that butt glue is the key ingredient in writing a book. She may be right. Creating rituals and techniques to coax your body and spirit into the necessary work mode is definitely a must.

Long sessions of being engaged are needed to move forward. When I wrote my first book, the goal was to finish by February, so I set aside each Wednesday and both weekend days to write. The most interesting thing happened. Not only did I keep my schedule, I added other hours as well, because once I engaged with the book, that’s all I could think about.

A spiritual ritual might also be helpful to you, if you are so inclined. Call in your spiritual team (call it God, angels, or others, according to your beliefs). When Steven Eric Connor wrote his first book, he looped a favorite Yanni CD to direct his thoughts through the power of the music. Some authors add fragrant candles to the mix, while others pray and meditate before each session.

This is the SUMMER zone of production that keeps you moving forward. Once the zone captures you, thoughts of how to navigate the challenges of your book invade your sleep, daydreams and conversations. If writing a book is like giving birth to a child, you’ll experience labor pains and explain your obsession with the words: “I’m having a book.† 

In achieving any goal, the danger of this Season is that you might experience a variety of emotions, including fear, that attack your confidence. Common thoughts are: “Everyone knows this,” “This is too simple,” “Who do I think I am to write a book?” Know that these thoughts are normal, so don’t give up! Keep pushing on. Whalen Voices specializes in assisting you through this aspect of the journey.

As you read and re-read the MS (manuscript), you will be Cutting out material, editing grammar and punctuation, rearranging and adding details to make it all fit into a cohesive message. Decisions are guided by what is most helpful to your target audience until you know that your MS is completed. 

Like native Arizonans who survive the unrelenting heat of summer in the desert, you’ve done it. You have a right to feel proud.


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