The Unexpected Benefit of Writing Your Story

Great movies reflect life, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is no exception! This action packed movie is about a group of young people, literally, thrown into a jungle game, and in order to win, the players learn to work together. Each LEVEL of the game represents a frightening challenge in the quest to get home. Yet, no challenge, no story.

I really want to see the movie again to catch more of the details, clues and humor. I keep thinking about the similarities between watching movies and writing the dramas of our own lives.

Think about it. Your life is also like a game with levels and a gauntlet of problems—but who likes challenges and problems?  Maybe because future events are scary and we don’t know how things will work out, we cover our eyes and miss most of what’s going on. Writing your story is like reliving it. Only this time,  it’s more fun because, win or lose, it is your adventure and you are the survivor, just like in the movies.

Movies and stories can be divided into a pie with four pieces: 1) Meet the characters in a setting, 2) a problem threatens the characters, blocking the goals. 3 )after a few mis-steps or failures, the problem gets solved, and 4) a happily ever after is implied.

I’m unexpectedly learning a lot through presenting the “First Steps in Telling Your Story†workshops—by doing everything I ask the participants to do. Yes, the structure of the workshop is key, yet the unexpected benefit is in the joy of retelling your adventures (however small they may seem to others). Like watching a great movie twice, you get to enjoy the details, clues and humor of your  journey this second time around.

Untold stories are lost forever, so become your own script writer. Partner with your computer as your trusty writing buddy and pour out your story.  Write as if you are sharing a grand adventure, because you are. You are the star of your own show, so shine into your happily ever after!

….and contact me if you want an EASY way to get started. 623.466.5067. [email protected].

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