4 Seasonings for a “PERFECT” Holiday

For many, including me, it’ not a completely happy time of year. All the more reason to gravitate toward the light and the joy and the smiles wherever we can find them. And while I’m being honest, I cling to my spiritual beliefs this time of the year, and hope you do too. 

I’ve got four quick spices to add to your recipe for making a PERFECT Holiday!

Spice #1: Before you do anything, add a healthy amount of “ATTITUDE.†Re-define the word perfect. Let perfect mean something that’s complete—all by itself—even with its funky imperfections. I’m always telling Jan: “It’s perfect.†That makes her stop fussing with some insignificant detail that no one will notice anyway—like arranging lights on the tree. When I say that, she takes a deep breath and gives herself permission to move on.  

 Spice #2: Blend in a teaspoon of “RECOGNITION.†Once you recognize that the season is a celebration of your religious traditions, or an annual opportunity to open your heart in generosity, then peace gets a chance to replace angst.

Spice #3: Gently stir in “HONORING†of past Christmas’s and people you’ve lost.  All of us have loved ones on the other side, and if you can, remember them with tenderness and sweetness. Tell a few funny stories about them.  It took Jan a few years to be happy with memories of her mom who passed on December 19th. That’s to be expected. In your own way, make time to honor those memories.

Spice #4: Add a generous helping of “CREATIVITY.†Keep yourself alive with new ideas, new fun. Do something that’s out of your normal. Start a new thing… and if you do it again next year, you’ve created a new tradition—one that probably fits you PERFECTLY!!! The Mother of Creativity is on your side! 

Well, gotta go. My Lamborghini is double parked outside! Time to kick back, take a break and add a little spice to my own perfect holiday!  

We’ll be dreaming up fun things for us to do at Whalen Voices for next year.

Shoe-tastically yours,

Chili Millie

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