Give up Stilettos? Never!

Hello Everyone! 

The Season is in full swing and the word we use most is: BUSY. I say this word myself, and yet I’m intending to make time for what is important to me. 

I am writing to you now to check in to see if the SOLE to SOUL “Soul Stilettos†session is on your calendar for December 13th (in-person) or December 14th (on Zoom).  

*On the 13th, from 1-3pm we’ll be at the Spicery in Our 1895 Home once again, and if you attend, there will be surprises for you. Those attending can come early for a dutch treat lunch!

*If you Zoom with us December 14th from 4:30-6:00pm ARIZONA TIME, you’ll be delighted with the conversations among women from many time zones!

I’m excited to share the 4 major topics of the day:

Why Stilettos? (Chapter 3 “The Right Shoesâ€)

Stories about the shoes of our past. Why did we? What were we thinking?…etc. 

Moods of the Season (Chapter 7 “The Soul Felt its Worthâ€)

While this is a magical season, life serves a mixed bag of emotions.  

Spiritual Anchors (Chapter 11 “The Spiritual Anchor of Confidenceâ€)

Stories of how and when we access our spiritual anchor. 

Writing with Your Angels (Chapter 20 “Allow Angels to Inspire Your Writingâ€)

Discussions of how creativity happens, and ways to access your muse. 

Just yesterday, a friend asked me what I enjoy the most about leading the Sole to Soul workshops. I told her that I enjoy pairing shoes with more serious topics, weaving it all together into a unified whole, and then allowing space for the women present to add their own spice! It does not matter how many are present, it’s always magical!

When women gather, the CONVERSATIONS get interesting! Join us if time allows! 

Shoe-tastically yours,


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