Allowing Angels to Inspire Your Writing


CREATIVITY  Have you ever wondered where creative types find their ideas to paint, compose or write? Many artists know their best work comes “through†them rather than “from†them. Today, I’ll call them Angels, yet I’ve used and heard other names: Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Automatic Writing, Inner Voice, to mention a few. John O’Donohue speaks of “those in the unseen world.” There are books devoted to this topic, and yet, I will share some of my own Angel assistance experiences, and maybe there will be an idea or two for you to use.

IN THE BEGINNING  About 20 years ago,  in the early hours between sleep and awake, I heard (with my ears), “Release the Material.†That woke me up! I scrambled to find a pen and paper to record the message so I wouldn’t forget it. What the heck did it mean? The next day I had a similar experience: another audible phrase. That’s when I got serious, and put the two messages on a list. The next morning, I anxiously awaited the third message. But nothing came. So I decided to relax my thoughts—and that day a phrase came to me from somewhere in my head. I was a little disappointed about not being able to “hear†the words (which was very cool)—yet each day for the next 180 days or so, I sat down to receive. Some message was always given to me. Each was short and sweet, but comforting just the same.

ALLOWING   Over the years, I came to realize that the more I cleared my mind, the more I received. Much has been written about meditation, and rightly so. By sweeping the random thoughts out of your mind, you have space to let something new come in. Books have been written on how to  allow assistance from Angels, but my advice is to experiment with various methods (sit, walk, read, dance, listen to music, or place yourself near water) to find out which works for you.   

TRUST  It’s not really necessary to know that your inspiration comes from an Angel, your Higher Self, or a Spirit Guide. Simply consider helpful messages without needing to know the exact source. The source of truth is within you, and so you can trust the “feel†of the message when it’s been activated; it feels right to you, and is helpful and hopeful. In one chapter of my first book, Rock Solid Confidence, I found myself writing, “It’s just like making a pizza…†After writing this, I stopped—judging it as odd, wondering if it was a mistake—but soon, the rest came to me and it turned out to be a great analogy. 

CLARITY  A few years ago, I was working on a journal of messages composed of  short sentences. Sometimes the messages made sense, but other times, I needed to make a request: Give it to me a different way—no one will be able to understand this. And guess what? A new thought appeared in my mind and it was clearer.  No matter where we look for inspiration, the author is responsible to the reader (not the Angel), and so it’s appropriate to be assertive.

ORDER  We live in a world of order, but the Angels do not. I found this true when I was working on a set of Goddess cards that had a three part description on the back. Sentences were given to me, but soon I realized that some sentences fit better in another section. It’s perfectly fine to rearrange the message so that it can be readily understood by the reader. Many people feel that this type of writing is sacred, and they hesitate to change it or rearrange it, but go ahead. You’re the boss.

AUTHOR  Being open to inspiration makes the writing process less lonely, however, be the leader. You are the one who needs to sit yourself down in front of the computer to write, even when you don’t “feel†like it, and Angels don’t seem to be around inspire you. During the final writing of my first book, I closed myself off in my office, looping a Yanni CD, with a lit candle, and incense—each day. I believe that when the author is ready to do the work, the Angels drop in to inspire and not the other way around. On the other hand, sometimes you’ll be watching a movie, or talking to a friend when—POW—something is said that you KNOW is a new bit meant to be included in a current project.

STRENGTHEN  Great books are like apple cider in that they are tastier with a rich blend of sources. Research further information for your topic. (And don’t put it past your Angels to point you to great keywords.) This strengthens your writing, so blend your inspiration with other sources that provide facts, statistics and stories. 

GRATEFUL OWNERSHIP  Because you’ve allowed Angelic assistance, you may not feel worthy to take the credit for your writing. You were the one who received the messages. You made 1000 decisions, gave order to the topics, spent long hours and money to bring your writing into the world. It’s alright be grateful, to give credit to your Angels,  yet own your work. Be a proud author.   


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