Go it Alone

I took a break to see the TAYLOR SWIFT concert movie yesterday. (It was great, by the way.)  I wanted the SWIFT experience for under $20, so I bought my ticket to the IMAX theatre in Tempe. While sharing my plans, no less than five people were surprised that I would consider going to a movie by myself. Yet for me, it feels like the most natural thing in the world. 

Here are 5 reasons solo movies are the ticket:

  1. When the movie-mood strikes, you can simply get your ticket without planning or coordinating or compromising what works for anyone else. It’s 100% your call. 
  2. No one knows and no one cares. When you were younger, you may have worried about what others were thinking about you, but after a few decades of living, you realize that everyone is so wrapped up in their own world, they don’t see you – or care. 
  3. Watching a movie is a solo event, and you are free to focus on YOUR response to the unfolding story on the screen. You don’t need to divide your attention—wondering what the other person is thinking.  Great movies transport us into another time and place,  and each will have a different response due to their unique life experiences.
  4. It’s easier to get a great single seat for a popular movie rather than settling for adjacent seating for two or more in the back or the corner of the theatre. 
  5. Even though it’s fun to see movies with someone else, having the agency to do something YOU want to do when you want to do it leaves you feeling empowered. 

Try out a solo movie date.  Be with yourself, not by yourself. After all, you are your own BEST companion in this solo adventure called LIFE! 

NOTE: This message also applies to attending my SOLE to SOUL Workshops. If you want to attend, but wonder if you need to come with someone, no worries. In two minutes, we’ll make you feel a part of  this magical group adventure! 

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