I’m a Work of Art, And so are YOU!

It’s me Chili Millie, here to spill the tea on Jan! 

As you might know, I’m literally a work of art (and some may say “a piece of work”). But seriously, I was created as a result of words and ideas, and so were you, more or less. This gives new meaning to the phrase “…. and the word became flesh.” The pointe is, we’re living breathing creations, AND each one of us has the opportunity to re-create this self-masterpiece each day.

I’m thinking about this right now because Jan got all excited yesterday. She interviewed two ballerinas for her OCTOBER SOLE to SOUL workshop: Beauty in Ballet Shoes.  After she named the workshop, she realized she didn’t know squat about ballet. She could have just gone to Aunt Google for a better understanding of what it’s like to wear ballet shoes, but she’s always felt that it’s better to talk with real women. And in my book, that’s 1000% correct.

I wasn’t surprised that when she asked these two women simple questions about their dance experiences, she heard stories of how ballet slippers and pointe shoes led them down very different paths. This proves, once again, that shoe stories hold oceans of meaning.  

And the “SOUL” part of Jan’s upcoming workshop has to do with how we reflect the elements of art. I especially like the section on TEXTURE: “Our quirky aspects may be considered flaws by some, yet that’s what makes us real and lovable. Accepting our contradictions as the texture of our essence makes for an artistic life.”

 And I love this last part. I wonder what it would look like tattooed to my arm? “We all win, when we perceive each person’s journey as a rare and priceless work of art.” And that’s the truth. 

What are you waiting for? Register for Beauty in Ballet Shoes today! www.whalenvoices.com/sole-to-soul-workshops.

Shoe-tastically yours,

Chili Millie

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