Book: Character Safari: Remember and Write the Stories of Your Life


Complete guide to writing the story of your life


Have you ever wished your grandfather had told you why talking about Christmas brought tears to his eyes? Or that you had asked your mom what she thought about giving up her city home to move to a farm house in Iowa?

A story not shared is lost forever.

You are on a safari through life. Each year you gather your own experiences and lessons—the good, the bad, and the ones you’d rather not repeat. The very best way to share your life with your friends, children, and especially your grandchildren, is by writing your stories in a book.

This workbook will show you how easy it is to turn life’s lessons into the most important legacy you can give. Write about the journey that shaped your character. Capture your history, and give the reader a sense of hope, direction and your unique perspective.

Character Safari is divided into three sections:

Part 1 Warm-up pages to jog your memory

Part 2 A step-by-step process to write your book

Part 3 Ideas to enhance the telling of your journey


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