Writing About God: Reflection Boosts Understanding

In my family, when things work out in a strange and mysterious way, we say, “It’s a God Thing.†Carol doesn’t use those words, yet her reflection of a difficult year captivated our writing class. It’s an important lesson for all.   GOD PROVIDES by Carol After much prayer and discussion, in the fall of […]

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Courage Drives Action

Dear Brave Heart, These are interesting times, wouldn’t you say? Days can be challenging, uncertain and more than once in a week, we may find ourselves immobilized by an insurmountable problem—or so it seems. However, this isn’t our first rodeo. We are souls who know danger, yet step up. Courage is the force within us

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Hope Fills Us

Dear Beauty, My letter to you this week is about HOPE, that illusive, shapeless quality we need but can’t see. It’s so abstract, we use analogies to talk about it: Hope floats in mid air. It’s the pilot-light of your spirit. Hope is the cork that refuses to sink. Our recent discussions have been about

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My New Digital BFF

Dear Beauty, Today I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend whose name is MyFitnessPal©. Okay, so she’s not a real person and hardly replaces the many friends I’ve cherished over the years; but since this program is acting as my friend and coach, it’s fun to think about what she’d say to me if

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