We WHALEY Need Wisdom NOW

Similar to the plea, “God grand me patience, NOW,†wisdom is another virtue we need, yet it’s not on the fast-food menu. Lately I’ve been feeling that wisdom would certainly come in handy now. Right NOW. 

Whales represent wisdom in my sea analogy series.  They are huge creatures that look like fish but have a sophisticated communication system and have been known to  be protective of humans and other animals. I’ll never forget the day I looked into the eye of a whale, yet I can’t articulate the magic of the experience with words. I’ll just say that I could feel wisdom. 

Wisdom is a combination of experiences that have been marinated and interpreted through time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Wisdom’s dynamic nature means that with daily experience and reflection, it is forever upgrading. 

This is what I love about being human: no matter what we know today, tomorrow will be different, and if we free ourselves of the junk (outdated thoughts, theories that don’t work and never did, jealousies, hurt from angry words of the past) that does not jive with our most advanced thoughts, we get better and better with age. How exciting to know that we don’t have to call ourselves old, we can call ourselves wise guys. 

Here’s an idea. Think about what you’ve learned in your life. What did you learn when you were a child, when you were first starting out, in the past few years? It’s easy to make a list and you’ll be surprised by what you know. I’ll give you a sample from my list: 

  1. Initiate
  2. I don’t want to have 8 children when I grow up
  3. Smiles are powerful
  4. Flexibility
  5. Self-esteem 
  6. Courage
  7. Finding my voice 
  8. Bloom where I am planted
  9. Be true to myself
  10. God is my source of everything

After you make your list, you might consider writing a story to match each item on your list. If you have 10 items, you might call it your top ten list and pass it along to your people: kids, grandkids, friends. 

You are wise and getting wiser by the minute—and just when the world WHALEY needs your wisdom the most. How cool is that to think about!

As always, if you want to chat about writing your stories, contact me at [email protected] or 623.466.5067.


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