The Season to Be Grateful: Four Essential Words



Today is a wonderful day to celebrate the release of the latest cards in THE PERFECT AGE® greeting card line. In this topsy-turvy year, a heartfelt greeting is just what your clients, friends and family need!


MESSAGE INSIDE: GRATEFUL Your spirit’s beauty fills the world  with hope for the best days ahead. This is the perfect season to remember how grateful I am to know you.

This is the perfect card to thank clients, family and friends who have enriched your life this year. It’s an innovative way to remind them that their words and actions have made a difference in your life.


MESSAGE INSIDE: BLESSED. May you be blessed by the love you give and the love you receive. Your voice, your spirit and your life’s journey grace the world with gifts for the heart. 

This is a card for those who have blessed your life. Since there is a circular nature in a Blessing, giving and receiving, you’ll remind those special people how interconnected your lives are—and the best is yet to come. 


MESSAGE INSIDE: EXPECT The gifts within you are perfectly designed to propel you toward your vision. Move forward with anticipation and joy. Your heart’s dream waits for you along the path of your destiny. Expect it.

With the world as it is, dreams sometimes feel out of reach. This card was designed to encourage those on a path to their goals, and to remind them that their path might turn and twist, but have hope! Expect good things for the future. 


MESSAGE INSIDE: APPRECIATE You weave a tapestry of eternal love with each smile, each word, and each step you take. I see your heart and appreciate who you are.

This card is perfect for those people who you appreciate for the many things they’ve said and done for you this year: Maybe they are family, friends or faithful clients who have come through for you. 

You’ll love sending these cards, and those who receive them will feel appreciative, grateful and blessed that you remembered them.

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