Count Your Dolphins—Your Happy Stories

Happy stories are fun to think about and vital to tell. Using an ocean theme, I call them “Dolphin Stories.” If you’ve ever stood on the deck of a boat on the ocean when all of a sudden a pod of dolphins flank your path—you know how these magical creatures exude joy.

When life gets you down, a great spirit-lifter idea is to make a list of any good event or experience you’ve had. If 2020 has blocked the beauty of life, grab your net and capture at least three of four good memories from this list of suggestions. Good news! If you’re “Well Seasoned,” you have tons of moments to consider!

How about:

The good grade you received in school

The time you won

The time you figured it out

The time the best thing happened

The time you received a compliment or an award

The time you did something good

The time your heart felt grateful

The time you laughed unexpectedly

The time you did well

The time you were chosen

The time multiple “coincidences†came together

The time you were right

The time you saw a problem and avoided the drama

The time you felt free

The time you got a warm feeling from being understood

The time someone pointed out your kindness and skill

The project you finished on time and/or under budget

The day you woke up healthy

The day you found just the right thing you needed

The event that made you feel joy

The story someone told of your courage or skill

The day you found money in your pocket

The day you celebrated the anniversary

The time you rang the bell completing treatment

The day someone special came into the world

The day the bathroom scale gave you a good number

When you traveled another year around the sun

When you made peace with someone

The day the plane landed safely

The day you felt the hug of love

When you said the right thing at the right time to the right person

The afternoon you received a wonderful call from someone in your past


I’m sure we could go on and on with this list. (Truth be told, I hadn’t planned to make such a long list, yet when I stopped to think about it, there were many things we consider “good.”) True, there are many worries in the world, yet for today, let’s focus on the good stuff. So many “dolphins” are swimming in your own little patch of ocean, just waiting for you to point to them in joy.

You don’t have to even write about these wonderful events. You can simply enjoy the thought. Yet when you write, you capture the details of the experience, and writing makes it easier to share.

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Jan M. Whalen, MASL

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