Graduating to Summer

I’ve had a lot of time to think lately; mainly during graduation ceremonies (from high school to kindergarten). After a certain amount of time in the stands waiting to cheer for that one familiar name, the mind launches itself on a daydreaming journey. 

The words spoken at these events tend to converge: pride, future, change, challenge, passion, risk, more pride, hard work, looking ahead. Sound familiar? Speaking for myself, it’s hard to remember the exact message underneath the sameness of the cliches.

I  wonder and ask myself: What am I graduating from? 

What has ended and what activities will refresh me for the next thing?  To answer my own question,  I’ve graduated from two amazing seasons of Sole to Soul Workshops. I’m taking the summer to count what went right and what could have been improved upon; what was gained and what might be my next jam.

The end of May marks the beginning of summer. Even if we haven’t been associated with a school for decades, most of us obediently follow the traditional school schedule. We count up the accomplishments of the past 9 months, and hopefully feel a sense of accomplishment at our cleverness/luck in surviving the past year. It’s a time to kick off our work shoes and responsibilities, and anticipate a few months of well deserved rest. 

How about you? What you have “graduated from”? 

When you look back, I hope you give yourself credit for all your efforts, successes and lessons—even if nobody gave you a grade or degree. Kindness seems to be in short supply this year, so make sure you’re kind to yourself. It all starts on the most personal level of all.

MAY THIS SUMMER be filled with all the things you love, and you are able to take a break from some of the more daunting responsibilities of your life. Have coffee with a friend. Binge a favorite show (like The Gilded Age). Take a walk with yourself in a green place. Do what you need to do to return to your soul. 

Let me end by marking your 2024 graduation (of sorts) by words to assure you: Go forth with PRIDE and cherish those things you have learned within these hallowed halls of life. Conquer the world of your passions! 

…..And we’ll see you in the fall!

2 thoughts on “Graduating to Summer”

  1. I also wish you a summer full of family warmth, spiritual warmth, energetic warmth, a high dose of satisfaction, of making every day, with your attitude, show that the sun rises every day. Although this sun is behind the clouds!

    I feel like I’m graduating from the pressure on myself, I always enjoy what I do, it’s just that sometimes, I think I have to go further for I don’t know what… but this is going into the past, I only focus on the enjoyment of life. So, just as it comes. High or low, I keep flying.

    1. Yes… and Diego, you are making a positive affect on the world. It is a pleasure to know you and watch you grow. Actually, more than a pleasure, you inspire!!!

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