“Sole to Soul: Get Energized to Step Up” is a monthly workshop series designed to stimulate your creativity, clarify your vision, and energize you to step forward in your life. It’s perfect for you if you learn through sharing stories and conversations with well seasoned women on topics of mutual interest. Each session has a unique theme that draws upon chapters from the book Conversations with Well Seasoned Women. The Tuesday workshops are in person at a location in Peoria, AZ and the Wednesday workshops are on Zoom.

Get Energized Through the Power of Your Stories
Sharing your stories has a unique way of bringing us closer to understanding ourselves and one another. When we remember, we share, we process, and then we can act with more understanding and conviction than ever before. We suggest that you first imagine packing a few pairs of shoes, some good friends, and lots of your most meaningful stories. You’ll relate to our shoe themed sessions: “Blazing in Boots,” “Friending in Flip-flops,” “Strides in Sneakers,” and more. Come join the fun.

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