Workshop 2: Stepping into Your Own Glass Slipper


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Oct. 21 (Sat.) 9:30-11:30am in TEMPE
Oct. 24 (Tue.) 1-3 pm at The Spicery in GLENDALE
Oct. 25 (Wed.) 4:30-6:00 AZ TIME (after party 6-6:30) on ZOOM

Jan will contact you to select the dates/venue for the workshop (s) you’ll attend.


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SHOES: Glass Slippers

MOViES 1. Cinderella         2. Brave

Family dynamics create unique expectations and challenges for the women in Cinderella and Brave. Cinderella waited to be chosen by her shoe size, while Merida picked up her bow and charged forward to make a place for herself. As in these fairy tales, a magic twist of fate may have changed the trajectory of your life’s story, even if you weren’t gifted with a fairy godmother or a spell-casting witch. Where did you find a good fit?  The magic potion of this workshop will be the personal stories you share.


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