Workshop 3: Celebrating the Painted Lady


Get Ticket for: Celebrating the Painted Lady

Nov. 11  (Sat.) 9:30-11:30am in TEMPE
Nov. 14 (Tue.) 1-3 pm at The Spicery in GLENDALE
Nov. 8  (Wed.) 4:30-6:00 AZ TIME (after party 6-6:30) on ZOOM

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SHOES: Painted Shoes

MOViES 1. Frida 2. Barbie 

The San Francisco Painted ladies have nothing on Frida—both the artist and the movie entitled Frida, staring Selma Hayek. Frida Kahlo once hand-painted a red boot to celebrate herself as a bold and powerful woman. By contrast, “pink for girls” describes the world of Barbie. As a well seasoned woman, you live in a world where you are free to choose the hues and designs that best express your soul. Which colors bring you the most joy? Join us for an opportunity to imagine yourself, your MOViE, in vibrant color!

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