Workshop 5: To Have and To Hold (February 2024)


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Feb. 17  (Sat.) 9:30-11:30am in TEMPE
Feb. 27 (Tue.) 1-3 pm at The Spicery in GLENDALE
Feb. 28 (Wed.) *5:30-7:00 AZ TIME (after party 7-7:30) on ZOOM

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Wedding Shoes

MOViES 1. Sex and the City 2. Mona Lisa Smile

When Carrie Bradshaw placed her blue satin wedding stilettos in her closet, she felt at home. Relationships, shoes and fashion have always been visible in Sex and the City, yet the power of women friendships gets top billing.  Julia Roberts’ character in Mona Lisa Smile agrees that women don’t need to be completed by marriage. The soul of our conversations will open the treasure chest of your relationship memories and experiences, inviting you to see who you’ve chosen to have and hold. 



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