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From Contradictions to Happiness

I was so honored to have my article published in the March/April 2018 issue of The Desert Shamrock Magazine. Thank you for allowing me to share the article with you. Here is the full copy of the magazine just in case you want to read more from our local Celtic community…      

Your Voice-Confidence Triggers Change

What picture do you get in your head when you hear the word VOICE? It’s a fascinating and multidimensional concept. Project Runway judges might say “I sense your voice in this collection.†This statement lets the aspiring designer know that what they just created represents their authentic aesthetic. It rings true, it’s recognizable, just like …

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Courage Drives Action

Dear Brave Heart, These are interesting times, wouldn’t you say? Days can be challenging, uncertain and more than once in a week, we may find ourselves immobilized by an insurmountable problem—or so it seems. However, this isn’t our first rodeo. We are souls who know danger, yet step up. Courage is the force within us …

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Self-Worth Lessons from the Blind Men and An Elephant

Dear Beauty, Have children’s books ever clarified your thinking? I love the ones where a lesson is skillfully embedded into a simple story. Today I’m thinking of the beloved book, The Blind Men and the Elephant. You may remember, these six men each touched one part of the elephant and were completely confident that their limited …

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