Be Present for Your Life in 2021

There was once a person (just like you or me) standing on a hill in a land not very far away. Let’s call this person Chris. All of a sudden on this sunny day, Chris heard the grass rustle and out of nowhere, came a tiger. The tiger began to chase Chris.

Of course the only thing Chris could do was run and run and run. A cliff was just ahead, so Chris decided to climb down over the rocks in hopes that the tiger would forget the chase.

After a few cautious steps, Chris looked down and noticed another tiger climbing up the rocks below. Oh no! A tiger behind and a tiger in front. Just then, Chris caught a glimpse of a beautiful ripe strawberry, within reach. What to do?

Chris decided to eat the strawberry. 


There are probably many ways to interpret the lessons of this story, but for me it’s an analogy of living in 2021. There are scary things behind us and in front of us, attacking from all directions. Life can feel overwhelming, yet it’s best to enjoy the fruits of the day and appreciate what is right before us. 

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