Ten Reasons I love to Zoom

I’ve heard many say that they don’t like to Zoom. I’m sure each has her reasons. On the flip side of that issue, here are the top 10 reasons I really like zooming:

  1. Getting ready for a Zoom call is effortless, almost. So little of the body shows. I can throw on a sweater, earrings and lipstick and I’m good to go. That also means I can be barefooted and in my jammy bottoms. No one will know.
  2. The travel time is under a minute—and I’m counting the time it takes to find the connection codes, turn on the sound, check the background and get my coffee. In my case, my bookcases and the latest props from the current workshop need to be considered. 
  3. I feel at home in my home. My office is filled with all my favorite photos, paintings, and books—all the sights and smells that make me feel my best. It’s something I can count on and control. I’m like a baby bird in her nest.
  4. It’s a great way to connect with women from coast to coast. Meetings that would be expensive and/or impossible to attend, become effortless. During discussions, the perspectives of those living in a different part of the country can give the feelings of connection; bound by common goals and aspirations. 
  5. For those who are shy, zooming/online platforms offer space. There are options to speak or not, to be seen or not. It’s a great way to participate with a higher level of comfort.
  6. Sharing data is a breeze. Everyone has the best seat in the house and it’s easier to snap a photo of something you want to study later.
  7. I’m friends with many people I’ve never seen physically, probably because their comments and energy attract my curiosity.  Since we’ve never met, could these be real friends? Based on my experience with getting together with some of these women in person, the answer is a great big YES! When meeting in person, it only takes a few moments to adjust to your Zoom friend’s physical presence—otherwise, it’s the same. 
  8. The cost savings can’t be compared. I can enjoy my own favorite coffee at home (and snacks), use no gas for my car or wear-and-tear on my shoes. 
  9. When you are in a box on my screen, I can focus on seeing and hearing you without the normal distractions.
  10. Breakout rooms and private messaging provide an opportunity to speak with another participant without disturbing anyone else. In the moment, you can exchange information and thoughts. It’s wonderful!

Whenever I hear about an online meeting on a topic that interests me, I’m elated. I can participate in the comfort of my own home—while virtually traveling to where others are gathered.  

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