Your Creativity in 2024

When you think the word CREATIVITY, what thought comes to mind first?

The first thing I hear in my head is the word “fluffy.” A second is “made up stuff.” On the surface, creativity does not usually hold a high place of importance for everyday life, but maybe, “there’s a little bit more” to it for 2024. 

Last November’s Sole to Soul workshop explored the concepts of color and creativity with movie-muses Barbie and Frida. I learn a lot when leading these sessions. I learn from my research, of course, but just as much from the fabulously wise participants who always add their insights, opinions and life experiences. 

When thinking about creativity, most of us think only about visual artists, like Frida Kahlo, Mexico’s most famous female artist. Frida began to paint during times when she was in pain while being confined to her bed; she spent weeks and months alone. Three of her quotes hint at the importance of her art/creativity: 

“I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.” 

“I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.” 

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone because I am the person I know best.”

Her creativity was twofold: first of all, she created art; and the art was an organic medicine for her mind and spirit. Even though she’s been gone for decades, stories of her approach to life have inspired others to persevere in the face of adversity. So in a way, INSPIRING OTHERS can be counted as a third type of creativity: Creating Inspiration.  

If you don’t draw or paint, you might think you aren’t creative. But visual art is only one way to express creativity. Creativity is like the air that invisibly surrounds us each moment of the day. If you’re like me, you don’t think about it much.

I think that creativity is one of the most useful tools we have to get things done.

Creativity can be used to:    

  • Turn around your attitude
  • Solve a problem
  • Give solutions when what you want is not available
  • Fix something that’s broken
  • Give encouragement to someone else
  • Fundraise for a cause
  • Give someone hope for tomorrow
  • Market your business
  • Attract people to join your group or club
  • Bring joy back to your life
  • Motivate you to reach your goals

January is the best time to be creative, because it can be the happiest, saddest, loneliest, most gracious, grief-filled time of year—all at once. That’s a lot of emotions to feel.

PS. At the end of the Barbie movie, Barbie makes the decision to leave Barbie Land and become a real person. She has a desire to CREATE, not just be the creation. And that’s when Billie Eilish sings “What was I Made For?”  If a doll feels this need, how about the rest of humanity?

How will you use your gift of CREATIVITY to energize each step of 2024? 

2 thoughts on “Your Creativity in 2024”

  1. Creativity for me implies innovative, different, something not previously done or tried, like wading into uncharted waters and doing something totally new.

    For me, creativity is about newness, experimentation, thinking outside the box, going where no one has gone before and doing something unique.

    I don’t think of things that are hum-drum as being creative even if the person who created it has never done anything like it before.
    Creative is sending the first person into space , it’s a child who has never been to the beach or seen sand building a castle.

    Yes creativity is relative. A person who has never drawn anything in their life suddenly drawing a tree could be creative for them.

    Individual creativity is totally relevant to each individual. For any person, going into a new realm of art or ideas can show creativity. In a universal sense, creativity is tougher because so much has already been done and also documented.’

    If one does a copy of something that’s been done before, in a universal sense it’s just a copy. But if the individual who does it had never done anything before, that individual would be said to have done something creative relative to their past effort’s perhaps.

    Creativity has a universal level (Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Coco Chanel etc.) and an individual level, as in, “That’s the first quilt you made and it looks great – it’s a wonderful creative effort on your part.”

    Anyone can be creative. It means pushing the limits of what one’s done before. But many “creative efforts” aren’t hanging in museums or gracing the pages of Vogue. Creative is a word that’s different for everyone. It’s an attempt to do something new.

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