When Irish Shoes are Dancing….

Here’s the scoop for our March Sole to Soul. THEME: Dancing Irish Legacies  MOViE Muse film #1: Curls the Film tells the story of a multi-cultural girl who uses traditional Irish dance to connect with her late Irish mother. The story, originally a student project, is now a film lasting 1hour and 20 minutes. Since it’s available FREE […]

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Two Mothers

May reminds me of Mom and the flowers that grow in the Midwest. She had special vases for her lilacs each spring. They don’t grow in Arizona, so I make do with pictures of them. Funny how we most appreciate what we have after it’s gone. This aphorism applies most specifically to moms. The other

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Can Women Talk About Shoes and Still be Taken Seriously?

When I lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I took part in a program called “Leadership for Five Seasons.” It was one of those year long programs where young leaders could learn about the community with the intention of discovering the volunteer opportunities they’d love.  At graduation, we were all given a tag line, and since

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