Workshop 7: The Spirit of Saddle Shoes


March 14th (1-3pm in person/Peoria, AZ) 15th (4:30-6:00pm/ Zoom)

Dust off those saddle shoes, and share the stories that hold a hidden treasure-trove of memories.


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Workshop 7: Friending with Flip-flops

When you tell a story about a pair of shoes you once wore, they can remind you of where you’ve been, how you felt and where you’re headed. During this workshop, you’ll dust off those saddle shoes, tell your own stories and unlock keys to your past. When others share their stories with you, a hidden treasure-trove of memories will surface. This session will open a door to your past in a meaningful way that sparks memories of people and places you’ve long forgotten. It may even encourage you to write the story of your life.

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ANY 3 WORKSHOPS: $97 (32 each)
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