Go it Alone

I took a break to see the TAYLOR SWIFT concert movie yesterday. (It was great, by the way.)  I wanted the SWIFT experience for under $20, so I bought my ticket to the IMAX theatre in Tempe. While sharing my plans, no less than five people were surprised that I would consider going to a […]

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The Taste of Home

Nostalgic thoughts bring me right back to our kitchen on the farm, where Mom spent most of her life.  I was one of eight children, her first, her helper and at the end of her life, we were two single women dishing on men. My strongest memories involve her moving around her kitchen—in constant motion,

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Writing Alters the Expectancy of Your Life Expectancy

When I published You are the Perfect Age, I didn’t expect the profound changes it would bring to those who wrote and read the book. Well, first of all, I hadn’t realized that asking four simple questions of women stepping into different decades would produce such a rich mixture of perspectives. Yet, how could it

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