Two ways to ZOOM a Writing Class in March

I’m really looking forward to presenting my most popular class of 2019 called Writing the Stories of Your Life. I had planned to offer this Story Workshop in the Spring of 2020, but then Covid hit. (sound familiar?) Luckily, our 2021 lets-make-lemonaide-out-of-lemons attitude presented a silver lining. So in March, you can experience the benefits of …

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Personal Shark Stories are Powerful

In honor of “Shark Week,†I’d like to say I’ve learned this fact: If it weren’t for the shark events (problems) in our lives, we wouldn’t have any lessons, spice or drama. In other words, our lives would be dull.  Yet we don’t usually think of them in that light. Some of us are afraid …

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An Offer You’ll Love

The conversation lights up whenever I tell someone I’m a book shepherd. Usually I hear, “I’ve often thought about writing a book,†and even more often, “I’ve been told I should write a book.†As we chat, questions come up about the whole writing/self-publishing world and it’s fun to give my perspective on the who, …

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Allowing Angels to Inspire Your Writing

  CREATIVITY  Have you ever wondered where creative types find their ideas to paint, compose or write? Many artists know their best work comes “through†them rather than “from†them. Today, I’ll call them Angels, yet I’ve used and heard other names: Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Automatic Writing, Inner Voice, to mention a few. John O’Donohue …

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